Why are we merging now?

The timing is extraordinary. The two firms have had a relationship for some time and have known each other professionally and socially for over ten years. Eric Hutchby, Managing Partner of Traverse Wealth has served with GreerWalker’s Managing Partner, John Norman, on the Board of Directors for the YMCA. In addition Eric and John have attended the same church for over a decade.

Traverse Wealth and GreerWalker mirror each other’s professional values, mission and vision. We think alike about how best to take care of our clients: we each place our clients’ wellbeing above all else. This made the merger right on every level.

While the merger meets different needs for each firm, all clients will be getting more value and service offerings than before. Traverse Wealth brings new investment options and leadership to the team. GreerWalker Wealth brings additional service options through its affiliate, GreerWalker LLP, as well as a deeper bench of advisors to enable us to serve you and your family well into the future.

What does this mean for clients?
This is a merger of equals. The current advisors and operations team from both firms will remain on the team. Your point of contact will not change. New introductions will be made when/if appropriate to additional services/ investment options or team members. While ultimately the firm will be headquartered in Charlotte, both offices will remain accessible for the near future.
Will fees go up? Will we have to change account custodians?
No and No. Both firm’s fee structure will remain the same for existing clients and both firms work with Charles Schwab. We each have a proven approach to servicing our clients. We will continue to operate as a team with you at the center. We are your advisor, partner and coach.
We know that you have many more questions and we are hard at work planning our outreach. In the meantime, we want to convey how excited we are about this merger and we hope you will feel the same.

Traverse Wealth merges with GreerWalker Wealth to offer expanded services and expertise with a client-first focus.

Same culture, same people, same process with a deeper bench of talented advisors.

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