Planning Is The Structure; Execution Is The Building

We have been asked which is more important: a well-conceived plan or flawless execution. The answer is both.

Any discussion of individual investments or even asset classes is, at GreerWalker Wealth Management, informed and guided not merely by a client’s goals and objectives, nor by one’s risk profile, but by a deeper definition that often involves one’s life’s goals, legacy concerns, and more. Getting these fundamentals right will, over time, far exceed the importance of any single investment.

Planning begins by identifying key life goals at various milestones. A robust planning process takes the form of a comprehensive continuum of goals and life events, from a child’s education to building investment capital for a business to retirement planning and more. Any financial plan should be seen as an organic process able to adapt to new conditions and goals as they arise.

Execution involves constructing and managing a client’s wealth with an eye to both asset management and tax planning to optimize the outcome for the individual. Here, we provide expert coaching which also takes into account such subjects as level of debt, personal property and charitable giving, among other topics.

Customized solutions are designed around all aspects of financial and personal goals. GreerWalker Wealth Management designs individual plans, builds diversified portfolios and believes in asset allocation, with a mix that varies with each client’s life stage, financial circumstances and risk tolerance.

Harmonizing each client’s goals with asset appreciation, tax obligations, charitable giving and core values allows GreerWalker Wealth Management to take a truly holistic approach to managing wealth. Focusing on the permanent means we don’t fall into the market timing trap, nor are we predisposed toward individual investments or asset classes.

We stay with the tried and true; keeping each client on track with a specifically designed plan, making adjustments as necessary and providing clear information.

The Short Story Of Our Investment Philosophy

As you might expect, we are not into the current trends or short-term approaches to investment management. At GreerWalker Wealth Management, we select managers based on their performance over time. More specifically, we base our judgment on a manager’s:

  • Investment portfolio philosophy
  • Execution of the strategy
  • Tax efficiency of a portfolio
  • Consistent results

GreerWalker Wealth Management is fully committed to using asset diversification as a tool to build broadly based wealth while minimizing risk. We provide insight and assistance in these investment categories and more:

  • Mutual funds
  • Common stocks
  • Fixed income securities
  • Index and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs)
  • Full service brokerage accounts
  • Separately managed accounts (SMAs), private equity and master limited partnerships (MLPs)

For each client, we develop a customized portfolio, employing a mixture of any or all of the above investment instruments to achieve any of the following planning objectives, where appropriate:

  • Money management
  • Retirement planning
  • Financial planning
  • Estate planning
  • Charitable giving
  • Insurance planning
  • Education planning
  • Tax planning

GreerWalker Wealth Management is compensated solely through service fees based on the dollars under management. We neither charge commissions nor are we otherwise compensated by any other entity.

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