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Transaction Advisory Services at GreerWalker

Transaction Advisory Services

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GreerWalker’s transaction advisory services group provides the analysis you need to make an informed decision on your proposed transaction. We offer a variety of services and flexible reporting options to meet your objectives and help identify potential hidden issues.

Why GreerWalker?

Our team has the professional qualifications, technical knowledge and operating experience necessary to assist buyers, sellers and investors across multiple industries. Our goal is to provide our clients with timely and appropriate information that allows them to validate, renegotiate, restructure or withdraw from a potential transaction.


Buy-Side Financial Due Diligence
  • Quality of Earnings (EBITDA)
  • Cash-Flow Quality Assessment
  • Assets and Liabilities Quality Assessment
  • Working Capital and Recent Trends Analyses
  • Financial Projections Analysis
  • Key Performance Indicator Analysis
  • Customer and Product Price/Volume Analysis
  • Accounting Department and Financial Reporting Process Documentation
  • Purchase Agreement Assistance
  • Potential Risks and Operational Weaknesses
Sell-Side Financial Due Diligence
  • Quality of Earnings (EBITDA)
  • Financial Reporting and Accounting Process Analysis and Improvement
  • Divisional Carve-Out Assistance
  • Data Request Strategy and Assistance
  • Transaction Planning
  • Purchase Price Adjustment Analysis
  • Working Capital Analysis
Tax Due Diligence and Structuring
  • Tax Due Diligence
  • Corporate Structuring
  • Income Tax Compliance Services including Federal, State, Local and International
  • Tax Accounting Method Review
  • Sales & Use and Property Tax Compliance Services
  • Executive Compensation
Information Technology Due Diligence
  • Information Asset Evaluation
  • Compliance and Privacy Evaluation
  • Cyber Security and Vulnerability Assessment
Post-Transaction Services

For more information on how we may assist you, please contact Nicole Mottershead.

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