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Innovate and Elevate to a Virtual Finance Team

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Do your current accounting personnel and processes:
  • Effectively support operations?
  • Leverage the latest technologies?
  • Provide fast and reliable information?
  • Give management tools for success?
  • Effectively support operations?
  • Leverage the latest technologies?
  • Provide fast and reliable information?
  • Give management tools for success?
Outsourced Accounting is a virtual accounting team customized to fit your business. Using the latest in cloud-based systems and accounting tools, we staff your team with the appropriate professionals: CFO, Controller, Accountants and/or Analysts to deliver the accounting support that is right for your business. We can support your current CFO/Controller, be the leadership for your in-house Accountant/Administrator or become the Full-Service Accounting Department. Let us help you innovate and elevate to a virtual finance team.

Why GreerWalker’s Outsourced Accounting?

  • Experience: Accounting team with extensive experience at all levels of finance
  • Efficiency: Streamlining workflows with the right professionals and systems
  • Value: Reducing HR and IT costs over in-house finance staff and systems
  • Focus: Focusing resources on core business mission and operations
  • Insight: Giving you more insight to your financial information for better decisions

Our Outsourced Accounting levels of service

OAS Basic AccountingBasic Accounting: The essentials such as bank reconciliations, accounts payable and cash basis financial reports. Great for early stage businesses with basic accounting needs.
OAS-Advanced AccountingAdvanced Accounting: The next level of service to provide features like projects, inventory or fixed assets. Perfect for a CFO/Controller of more complex organizations and businesses that need the advanced features.
OAS-Full-Service Accounting DepartmentFull-Service Accounting Department: Total accounting back-office with a team of professionals handling all the processes and procedures. Ideal for growing or advanced businesses that want to be efficient with their resources and focus on operations.
OAS-Virtual CFO/ControllerVirtual CFO/Controller: Oversee the finance and accounting functions, financial reporting and analysis, budgeting and forecasting and assist management with items such as case forecasting and lender covenants. Great for businesses that need partial CFO or Controller capabilities.
OAS-Consulting and Special ProjectsConsulting and Special Projects: Expert advice and services for the important and demanding financial projects that arise. This covers a wide range of abilities: budgets, investment analyses, process designs and more.


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