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At GreerWalker we understand that corporate executives have different and often fairly complex financial issues. Our inter-disciplinary team of professionals has extensive experience of providing a wide range of tax and consulting services to corporate executives and high income earners. Our clients value our comprehensive resources while enjoying the benefit of local expertise and well established relationships in the community. We believe our in-depth understanding of the forces that affect tax efficiency and financial soundness enables us to guide our clients through their financial challenges and opportunities.

At GreerWalker, we help clients minimize their overall tax burden and achieve their financial goals. We work with our clients throughout the year, not only at tax time, to develop a clear tax strategy that considers each client’s specific tax planning opportunities. In addition to our individual and business taxation services, we have several professionals in our team who specialize in gift, trust and estate planning.

In addition to comprehensive taxation planning and compliance services, we are also able to offer our clients proactive and personalized wealth management and financial consulting services through our affiliate GreerWalker Wealth Management.

Through our team approach, focused on training and regular practice meetings, we make sure that we keep internal communication on client-related issues up to date and to have the knowledge base we need to ensure that our clients achieve the best tax and financial results based on their individual circumstances and needs.

Our Corporate Executives Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Income Tax Planning
  • Assist with timing of bonuses and stock options
  • Minimize Net Investment Income and Alternative Minimum Tax
  • Maximize charitable contribution benefit
  • Review retirement account options
Income Tax Compliance
  • Prepare federal and state tax returns
  • Ensure accurate reporting of international investments
  • Prepare foreign bank and financial account reporting
  • Maximize benefit from any foreign taxes paid
  • Assist expatriates with required filings
Estate, Gift and Trust Planning
  • Ensure plan aligns with goals and objectives
  • Evaluate strategies and vehicles to minimize estate tax
  • Establish gifting strategy
  • Coordinate any legal and insurance needs
Financial Planning and Wealth Management
  • Structure a financial plan based on significant events, e.g., retirement
  • Customize investment asset allocations
  • Ensure diversification and coordination among all investment assets
  • Review of 401K asset allocations
  • Establish college plan for children and other family members

For more information on how we can assist you, please contact Sandi Thorman.

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