The Art of Giving Back: Sandi Thorman’s Work At the Bechtler

Dec 30, 2020

Since 2015, Partner Sandi Thorman has served on the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art’s Board of Trustees. Her philanthropic mentality, however, goes back to her childhood. Growing up, Sandi’s parents taught her the importance of giving back. With this value instilled so deeply in her, throughout her life, she has continued to surround herself with people who share this mindset. Not only does she volunteer her time in hopes of improving the community, she also strives to provide experiences for locals and visitors alike.

Turning A Project Into A Passion

Prior to joining the Bechtler’s Board, Thorman served on the Board of Trustees for the Mint Museum. “During my involvement at the Mint, I enhanced my appreciation and interest in modern and contemporary art. It was a natural progression for me to join the Bechtler.”

As her commitment to the Bechtler has continued, her interest in and knowledge of contemporary art has deepened. And her personal art collection has grown. The Bechtler has introduced Sandi to many different artists whose styles are complementary of the art residing in the museum. She has collected art from many of these artists, whom she has met at various exhibitions and events.

The mission of the Bechtler is to share the joy and excellence of the Bechtler collection with all in order to inspire, inform and enhance cultural and intellectual life. Of this, Sandi says, “I have art in my home that inspires, informs and enhances my daily living. I love to share it with others and understand that what I like, others may not like and that is okay.”

Looking back, Sandi has always enjoyed visiting museums and galleries while traveling. Having grown a hobby into a passion, she frequently visits the Bechtler (either for a meeting, an exhibition or an event). Every time she visits, she notices something new and exciting.

Left Brain To Benefit The Right Brain

Sandi contributes thoughtfully in all three of her roles as a board member. She is Treasurer, a member of the Development Committee and the chair of the Audit, Finance and Investment Committee. Each of these roles enables her to leverage her professional skillsets, primarily her ability to clearly and concisely explain complex financial transactions.

Likewise, Thorman has learned valuable lessons through her work at the Bechtler that she is able to bring to her work at GreerWalker. As an active member of the Bechtler’s Board of Directors, Sandi has honed her ability to strategically think about the future and a shared vision. She finds herself regularly incorporating these components into her work across the board, regardless of the specialty she is focusing on – Business Taxation, Partnerships, Mergers & Acquisitions, Estate, Gift & Trust or Individual Taxation.

Patty Stevens, the Bechtler’s Director of Finance, says, “GreerWalker has served as a strategic and financial partner for the Bechtler Museum of Art since the museum’s opening in 2010. Working closely with our board and leadership teams, they have contributed innovative financial council and solutions to help ensure a decade of our steady growth and evolution into one of Charlotte’s premier non-profit cultural institutions.”

More About Sandi Thorman

Sandi Thorman is the leader of GreerWalker LLP’s Estate, Gift and Trust Practice and also the Professional and Financial Services Practice. To learn more about Thorman’s work with GreerWalker, see her bio or call us at 704-377-0239. For more information or to get involved with the Bechtler Museum of Modern Art, visit their website.

Sandi Thorman