Partner David Jones Helps Build Financial Stability Through Community Link’s Housing-First Program

Oct 19, 2020

David Jones was introduced to Community Link in 2010. At the time, Jones served on the United Way board that allocated funds to various philanthropic groups. Community Link’s United Way proposal piqued his interest, so he engaged them in a GreerWalker real estate conference. Thus, their relationship began.

Since then, David has transitioned from role to role, contributing his financial expertise to help grow Community Link’s impact. Starting as a member of the finance committee, he soon became the Board of Directors’ Finance Committee Chair. He then served a two-year term as the Board’s Vice Chairman followed by a two-year term as Chairman. Community Link’s by-laws state that Board of Directors members are limited to two three-year terms. That is why David now serves on the Board of Trustees instead of on the Board of Directors.

The Importance of Giving Back

Growing up, Jones’ parents instilled in him a commitment to community involvement through action. His mother took David with her while delivering food to people in need as a volunteer for Meals on Wheels. Giving back was, simply put, just something they did.
As he has gained work and life experience, David has realized the value of putting himself in others’ shoes. Through seminars and his work with Community Link, David recognizes that circumstance plays a significant role in forging people’s paths.
“Community Link strives to level the playing field. They help people break the cycle that is preventing individuals and families from achieving and sustaining financial independence. Sometimes all people need is a little help and to realize that others care about their well-being,” he says. “It’s a gift to me to be able to share my professional expertise and help people get on their feet.”

Community Link

Community Link’s mission is to enable individuals and families to obtain and sustain safe, decent and affordable housing. They provide services that support people as they transition from homelessness to homeownership. This often involves coordinating between families, individuals and government agencies.

Families who face financial hardship are able to seek financial assistance, education and consultation through multiple need-based programs. Community Link’s housing-first approach prioritizes securing people with safe homes first. Once that is accomplished, the organization focuses on helping them achieve financial independence through continued support.

Floyd Davis, President and CEO of Community Link, expresses deep gratitude for David’s contributions to this organization. “David has been an integral part of Community Link’s growing ability to help members of our community. He officially served as a member of our Board of Directors, but he also supports us personally in many capacities. We are grateful for his expertise and his deep compassion for people who need help securing a more stable future. David shows each person, regardless of circumstance, the same amount of respect. He goes above and beyond to understand the different struggles people in our community face.”

Learn More

To learn more about David’s work with Community Link or his career at GreerWalker, see his web bio or call 704-377-0239.

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