Partner Jonathan Mangels Brings His Passion For The Outdoors To The Boardroom

Apr 20, 2020

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For the past six years, partner Jonathan Mangels has worked in some capacity for the Catawba Lands Conservancy (CLC). Currently, he is the past chairman of the Board of Directors. Having always been outdoorsy, Jonathan is passionate about protecting the environment by making sure our open natural spaces are not overdeveloped.

CLC is a land trust – a nonprofit, community-based conservation organization that permanently conserves and manages land for public benefit in the Southern Piedmont of North Carolina. They are dedicated to saving land and connecting lives to nature. By connecting with CLC, Jonathan was able to get involved in a group whose mission aligns with his own values.

Clean Water, Clean Air – Giving Back to the Future

CLC’s work will benefit every future generation by providing a better quality of life through land conservancy. When someone donates their land to CLC, the organization becomes the steward of this land. Simply put, this stewardship ensures that CLC maintains each property’s special natural features.

CLC works to preserve natural spaces in the 5 counties surrounding Mecklenburg County. They are also responsible for building the Carolina Thread Trail, which will eventually connect the greenways that are popping up all over the place. Eventually, the Carolina Thread Trail will be 1,600 miles long covering 15 counties. Greenways are just one example of the positive influence CLC has for the people of Southern Piedmont of North Carolina. These trails encourage people to get outside and exercise, socialize or just breathe fresh air.

That being said, this bipartisan board is pro-development through smart growth. This philosophy of land development helps raise property values when executed correctly. Yet another way that CLC is giving back to future generations.

On Giving Back

Jonathan has chosen to dedicate much of his time to giving back through philanthropic work. It’s in his nature and he strongly believes in using his strengths to positively impact the world through his community. To him, however, giving back doesn’t just benefit others. He says, “Getting involved in the community has helped me meet so many people and make friends who have similar passions. But perhaps most importantly, being a part of a group that is accomplishing something so positive for today and for hundreds of years in the future is such a good feeling.”

His philanthropic work has helped Jonathan flourish professionally as well. It provides him with many learning opportunities that transition between his work at GreerWalker and CLC. As the chairman of the Board, Jonathan honed his leadership skills. Leading a group has taught him the importance of leveraging his practicality and playing devil’s advocate when weighing the pros and cons of new ideas and managing opposing views. He is responsible for ensuring the financial health of the organization, both by raising money, overseeing financial statements and assessing risks. Further, building relationships with people has grown his network, which will help him long-term.

A Positive Influence

Bart Landess, Executive Director of Catawba Lands Conservancy, says, “His contributions to our organization are endless. A longtime supporter of CLC, Jonathan Mangels has served as Chairman of the Board of Directors for the past two years. This is no small task. He has spent tons of time and accomplished a lot of hard work. Jonathan’s accounting background has been invaluable in his preparation of accurate budgets and working within their constraints to ensure that CLC stays on the straight and narrow and continues to run efficiently. And last but certainly not least, Jonathan’s passion for protecting land and connecting people has dictated the way he runs the Board. His enthusiasm has rubbed off on everyone he’s around and has had such a positive influence on the organization. We are forever indebted to him.”

More About Jonathan Mangels

To learn more about Jonathan’s work at GreerWalker, see his bio or call us at 704-377-0239. For more information or to get involved with Catawba Lands Conservancy, check out their website.

Jonathan Mangels