Goals For Senior Tax Manager Donna DeSouza Include Coaching Soccer On The Weekends

Aug 20, 2020

For more than ten years, Donna DeSouza, Senior Manager of Tax Services, has spent her weekends coaching soccer through Harrisburg Parks and Recreation. Parents of four children, all of whom played soccer, Donna and her husband were inspired to volunteer as coaches when they realized many of the other parents lacked free time. Even after their youngest children decided no longer to participate, the DeSouzas have continued their roles as coach and team organizer. It has become their weekend ritual and a big part of what they do as a family.

Donna believes that it is everyone’s duty to take care of others around them. Blessed with careers that they not only love but that also enable them to provide for their family, the DeSouzas noticed that time was one of their biggest privileges. Donna said, “When you give, it is a fulfilling feeling. I truly believe that it makes us happier individuals when we see positive results by simply spending time with others who need help. It is an honor to be able to give our time and help families gather around a team sport.”

Lessons Learned And Taught

In fact, coaching soccer is not just about teaching skills used on the field. It is about instilling values in children at an early age. Most importantly, it is about teaching each individual how to be a member of a team, how to compete well and how to be a good sport, along with teaching children how to have empathy for their own team members and for members of the other team.

However, the children are certainly not the only ones who are benefitting from the DeSouzas’ coaching. Donna and her husband’s lives have been deeply enriched by Harrisburg Parks and Recreation. Coaching there has helped ingrain them in their community and has provided them with a family activity. More importantly, it has taught them to stop and realize both that everyone is in a different situation and the value in listening, compassion and understanding.

On And Off The Field

Donna has also seen the value of listening as part of communication in her career. Her work with her clients and her soccer community have mutually benefitted from the skills she has developed through the years.

She applauds GreerWalker for its encouragement to give back and for the company’s emphasis on a work-life balance. “GreerWalker couldn’t imagine someone not being in something,” she says. “It’s refreshing to know how much they support philanthropic ventures and that they want employees to take time to volunteer in the community. After all, it’s not just about what you’re giving, it makes you a better person.”

If you would like to learn more about Harrisburg Parks and Recreation and the various ways you could get involved, check out their website. To learn more about Donna’s work with GreerWalker’s tax practice, see her bio or call us at 704-377-0239.

Donna DeSouza